Welcome to the show that's dedicated to answering the question that plagues every reader:
What should I read next?

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Hi, I’m Anne. Professionally I am a writer and podcaster, but at heart I’m a reader. I love talking to readers about their favorite books, reading struggles, what makes reading so meaningful in their life, and of course what they should read next.

We don’t get bossy on this show: What we WILL do here is give you the information you need to choose your next read. Every week on What Should I Read Next, we talk all things books and reading, and do a little literary matchmaking with one guest.

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WSIRN Ep 242: Sharing Good Reads with good friends

Way wayyyy back in WSIRN Episode 64, we ran a special episode called The next best thing to reading, in which 15 readers shared how they track their read-book lists, TBRs, and whatever other information interested them in their reading life. So many of those readers, and countless others of you in the comment section, mentioned a little website called […]

WSIRN Ep 241: Memoirs, milk cows, and reading on horseback

Today we’re chatting with my friend Raelene Bradley about how books have guided her and her husband Jordan as they work to fulfill their longtime dream of living off the land with their own farm (if the last name is ringing a bell, you might remember Jordan from his WSIRN appearance wayyy back in Ep 127: Seeking professional help for […]

WSIRN Ep 240: Saving the world, one series at a time

Today’s guest KJ Dell’Antonia is an author and podcaster. I had the pleasure of joining KJ and her cohost Jess Lahey recently on their podcast #AmWriting, and I’m excited for KJ’s new novel The Chicken Sisters coming out on July 28. KJ is also, of course, a devoted reader, who encountered a problem many readers can relate to:  she picked […]

WSIRN Ep 239: The read-alike problem

Today’s guest Chris Abi Zeid is counting down the days before a big life event that will significantly alter his reading life. But for a few more weeks he still has precious reading hours. All he needs is his next read — and listeners, he has one huge requirement. He needs a book with a big, beefy, juicy plot. Complicated […]

WSIRN Ep 238: Windows, mirrors, and why We Need Diverse Books

Today’s guest Lamar Giles credits his love of reading to his mom who was always willing to buy him a book. But there was a time when reading just wasn’t cool among his friends and he nearly lost the love. Luckily, it stuck and today we get to talk about two of his favorite reading interests–children’s books and horror novelist […]

WSIRN Episode 237: When the library is closed, what’s a reader to do?

Readers, we added a last-minute introduction to today’s podcast about what we do and why we do it, especially in light of the current anguish we’re experiencing in the United States following the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and subsequent needed protests. We hope you’ll listen. Today’s guest Elyssa Gould is an academic librarian and “recovering English major,” […]

WSIRN Episode 236: What SHOULDN’T I read next?

Readers, it’s a weird time to be in the market for a new book. It’s safer to stay home, and many libraries and bookstores have temporarily shut their doors to the public. What’s a reader to do… but turn to their home bookshelves! Over the years, PLENTY of you have written in comments and emails about your overflowing TBR shelves, […]

WSIRN Episode 235: A crate full of summer reads

This week we’re continuing our celebration of Summer reading with Zibby Owens, host of the podcast Moms Don’t Have Time To Read Books. I had the pleasure of visiting Zibby on her show a little while ago, and today it’s my turn to host. Zibby and I are chatting about what we’re excited to read this Summer, whether those books […]

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